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Mai Personal Training has established ten years of experience

Mairead is the face behind Mai Personal Training & Online Coaching. 
She seeks to deliver the Best Possible Health and Fitness Version of individual clients by building trusting and honest relationships with her clients. The Consultation involves planning S.M.A.R.T Targets suitable to the client’s needs and wants.
“Being healthy and fit has always been a major part of my life. It has been one of my main priorities, week in week out. I enjoy helping others and seeing others fulfil their potential, of what they couldn’t achieve alone and needed a guider along the way, both emotionally and physically”
“I enjoy being a mentor and take great joy and achievement through seeing good results”
“ I have worked with many different clients, some of professional standards (Scottish Premier League and Scottish Rocks Basketball) and others who needed to start from the very basic principles of gym technique. Both extremes have their challenges and I enjoy the challenge of meeting their needs”.
“The older you get the easier it is to trick yourself into thinking it’s harder to motivate yourself physically. Lifting weights is often pursued as for those who are avid gym go-ers or who have years of gym experience. Mai Personal Training can help change your perception of this and guide you into a lifestyle of feeling fit, regardless of your age.”

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PT with Baby & Me

Train with our babies in my gym and get results to be the best version of you. 

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When I first started with Mai P.T. I was very specific in what I wanted. I wanted HITT sessions and to tone up quick with quick results. Mai P.T. was able to plan a programme with which results I was very happy with. She also taught me how to do routines which I could do alone and I found this helped a great deal towards my progress. 

Being a mum of two, working and having a husband who works away has proved very challenging for fitting in my fitness schedule. Since working with Mai P.T. she has coached me into ways in how to keep active and how to fit in circuit style routines in my weekly routine. It has been a journey I thought I couldn’t ever achieve being a mum of two. I am continuing the journey and most importantly, I am enjoying the journey. 



I work as a professional footballer and work alongside Mai Personal Trainer for strength and conditioning programmes. I have seen progress in my skills and fitness through developing a variety of static,dynamic and plyometric programmes. I am enjoying seeing myself progress.

I am a trained firefighter and need to maintain a certain level of fitness for fitness tests and general day to day challenges. I am enjoying the mixture of high intensity,strength training, low intensity,steady state and most of all the company whilst working out. Mai P.T. is very encouraging and always strives to achieve the very best of me in each session.

Want to lose fat but you are feeling sluggish, de-motivated to exercise or even unhappy with your appearance?

MAI PERSONAL TRAINING strength programmes help to change the formation of your muscles, by eliminating the fat in unwanted areas, sculpting your body to the shape you desire and creating a motivating and engaging routine which will get you seeing results.

Hard to fit in a gym schedule with a busy family life?

MAI PERSONAL TRAINING can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance by designing effective and efficient training programmes, by maximising your goals, time management and sessions.

Scared of building too much muscle with a strength training programme?

Ladies have far less testosterone levels than men. For ladies to build muscle, they would need to be lifting extremely heavy weights. Not only that, they would need to consume the right quantities of macro nutrients which would involve consuming a surplus.Strength training programmes promote fat burn, even after resistance training. You will not only develop a more efficient metabolism, but feel energized, conditioned and motivated.

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